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Preventing Ticks 

Apply Pesticides Outdoors To Control Ticks

Pesticides for ticks, known as acaricides, can reduce the number of ticks in your yard. These benefits have been best studied for Ixodes Scapularis (the black leg tick).

1.  Consistent and timely pest control

2.  Easy to apply

3.  Relatively inexpensive

4.  Safe if applied according to label

Only small amounts of acaricide applied at the right time of the year are necessary. Application should focus on control of nymphal Ixodes Scapularis ticks, the stage most likely to transmit Lyme Disease, anaplasmosis, and babesiosis, by spraying in the early spring and summer. Adult blacklegged ticks can be targeted in the summer and fall.

 Create a Tick-safe  Zone: Reduce Ticks in your Yard

  1.  Remove leaf litter.

  2.  Clear tall brush around homes and at the border of

  3.  Place a 3 foot barrier of wood chips or gravel between
       lawn and wooded areas.             

  4.  Mow lawn once a weekly.

  5.  Stack wood neatly and in dry areas

  6.  Keep playground equipment, decks, and patios away
       from brushy areas.

  7.  Discourage unwelcome animals by using fencing.

  8.   Remove all old furniture and trash that may give ticks
        a place to hide.

 9    Call Grassy Meadows for all your tick spraying needs.


Lawns are the welcome mat to your home. They give us daily contact with nature and are a symbol of our care. When well kept, they are a sign of our commitment to order in the neighborhood. We demand that they look good while we use them for entertaining, relaxing, and playing. Call Grassy Meadows Lawn Care this year and choose from a wide range of lawn care options.                

The ultimate goal

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Fairfield County Shrub 
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4  Deep Root Injections
5  Fertilizing

Grassy Meadows is the best choice for all of your lawn care, shrub care, and tick control needs. Our Fairfield County Lawn Care services will leave your grass lush and green, while our Fairfield County Tick Control will keep your family and pets safe. Finally, our Fairfield County Shrub Care will keep your shrubs and flowering trees looking their best.

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